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Management and Business are often included as a factor of production along wth machines, materials, and money. According to the management guru Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. The practice of modern management originates from the 16th century study of low-efficiency and failures of certain enterprises, conducted by the English statesman Sir Thomas More (1478-1535). Management consists of the interlocking functions of creating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization's resources in order to achieve the objectives of that policy. Below are the some selected courses in the business and management that Irish education institutions offer

Managing Risk and System Change, M.Sc.

This Managing Risk and System Change is relevant to safety critical industries across the globe and focuses on people already in work, who have responsibility for managing: risk, change, safety, quality, planning and system design.

Finance, M.Sc.

If you are looking for a rigorous and comprehensive introduction to the tools and skills that you need to thrive in modern financial services, then this Finance course is for you.

International Management, M.Sc.

Ranked 7th Best Masters in International Management in Western Europe, this programme is designed for business graduates to develop cutting-edge global business knowledge.

Accounting, Postgrad.Dip.

This eight month Accounting programme from Trinity College Dublin gives non-accounting graduates the opportunity to fast-track their career in accountancy and provides significant exemptions from the examinations of professional accountancy bodies.

Human Resource Management, M.Sc.

This Human Resource Management double-accredited programme prepares students with a non-business background for business challenges, which is crucially important to organisations operating in an increasingly dynamic and complex world.

Entrepreneurship, M.Sc.

Designed for innovative students looking to start up their own businesses, the Entrepreneurship programme will equip students with the acumen that is needed to succeed.

Management, M.Sc.

Ranked 3rd Best Masters in General Management in Western Europe, this Management programme is designed for non-business graduates. It will complement your undergraduate degree and equip you with the management skills necessary to succeed in today's world.

Digital Marketing Strategy, M.Sc.

This Digital Marketing Strategy programme is designed to give students the analytical competencies and business acumen required to succeed in the digital world. Students will graduate as highly skilled digital marketing strategists.

Financial Risk Management, M.Sc.

This rigorous Financial Risk Management programme from Trinity College Dublin introduces you to the tools and skills of modern financial risk management, maximising your career potential in this exciting industry.

Master of Business in Marketing & Management Strategy (Level 9), Master

This Master of Business in Marketing & Management Strategy (Level 9) programme will employ a learner-centered instructional philosophy, namely Problem Based Learning (PBL). The aim of PBL is to prepare learners for the demands of real life.

Business, M.Phil.

The Master of Philosophy in Businessis aimed at graduates of management, business studies and related areas wishing to further their graduate studies via a heavily research-based line of study.

Accounting Professional Diploma, Postgrad.Dip.

The programme is a "conversion" programme of study designed to equip non-accounting graduates with a thorough grounding in accounting theory and practice.

Voluntary and Community Sector Management - MSocSc, Master

The Masters in Voluntary and Community Sector Management provides education, training and skills in managing/coordinating voluntary and community organisations.

Human Resource Management, M.Sc.

To assist organisations in the private, public, non-profit and semi-state sectors in meeting the challenges created by these developments, the Kemmy Business School is offering a focused postgraduate studies programme in Human Resource Management.

Financial Economics(Investment, Banking and Risk Management), M.Sc.

The course has an excellent employment track record. Since inception 100%of students on the course gained graduate employment.

Healthcare Risk Management & Quality, M.Sc.

The Healthcare Risk Management& Quality programme is specifically aimed at those who wish to further specialise and advance their expertise in the field of clinical risk management and patient safety.

Management of Information Systems, M.Sc.

Many graduates of computer science, computer engineering, information technology and information systems courses start their careers as developers, software engineers or in technical area like network support.

Business Analytics, M.Sc.

The Business Analytics programme from University College Dublin provides a set of analytical methods for solving problems and aiding decision-making, particularly in the context of large quantities of data.

Finance, M.A.

The MA in Finance Programme offered by the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting is structured to provide international quality training in Finance, Economics and Econometrics. This course provides rigorous graduate level training in finance.

Computational Finance, M.Sc.

Faced with these challenges, the MSc in Computational Finance (MSc CF) is an intensive 12-month, full-time programme which has been designed to balance theoretically rigorous coursework with a practical emphasis on the acquisition of advanced quantitative skills.

International Management, M.Sc.

The award winning MSc in International Management provides students with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the principles and application of international business and management. The degree provides a solid foundation for a career in international management.

Professional Selling and Sales Management, M.Sc.

The programme content is aimed at preparing graduates for a variety of marketing positions in business.

EngSc in Engineering Management, Master

The EngSc in Engineering Management programme content provides participants with the necessary business and management knowledge to embark on successful careers in the management of global engineering and technology firms.

International Business, M.Sc.

The International Business course offers the perfect match for students with an international background and profile who are seeking to build a business career in today’s increasingly globalised market place.

Business Economics, Master

The MSc Business Economics is an integrated course applying economics to the business environment. Designed in consultation with leaders from the business community and public sector organisations, this unique course equips you with the key skills

Finance and Capital Markets, M.Sc.

The M.Sc in Finance is a one-year Masters program providing a leading European finance education, a high degree of flexibility in your learning experience and modern industry-relevant specialisms.

International Business, Master

The MSc in International Business from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School gives you the understanding you need to deal with the increasing globalised nature of today’s marketplace.

Computing and Information Systems, M.Sc.

The MSc in Information Systems with Computing provides students, with an interest or experience in Computing, Information Systems and Management, with an opportunity to further enhance their skills and knowledge of Computer Systems Technologies and Information Systems.

Biotherapeutics and Business, M.Sc.

The MSc in Biotherapeutics and Business educates students on the practical uses of molecular advances in the discovery and of protein and other biomolecular drug candidates and their development into biotherapeutics.

Advertising, M.Sc.

This course focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills in the field of advertising. Students are exposed to a range of relevant marketing communications topics. The degree is designed to equip students for a career in advertising in general.

Strategic Management Accounting, M.Sc.

Co-designed with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Strategic Management Accounting programme from University College Dublin targets high-level graduates with a solid background in management accounting, financial accounting and reporting.

Food Safety Management, M.Sc.

Recent food crises highlight the essential need for professional, up to date training in Food Safety Management. This interdisciplinary, skills based MSc. Programme, focuses on the complex, national and EU regulatory and management systems in place to ensure Food Safety.

Marketing Practice, M.Sc.

This course is suitable for graduates from both business and non-business backgrounds. The objective of the course is to transform graduates into competent marketing professionals.

Human Resource Strategies, M.Sc.

The MBS in Human Resource Strategies has been established to respond to the dramatic changes that have taken place in the nature of personnel/human resource management.

Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship, M.Sc.

The programme is ideally suited to graduates from Computer Systems, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Software Engineering and Applied Mathematics programmes who are considering business start-up or careers in companies which focus on software innovation.

Emergency Management, M.Sc.

The MSc in Emergency Management is the first programme of its kind in Ireland, endorsed by the National Steering Group for Major Emergency Management, The Emergency Planning Society and Pharmachemical Ireland.

Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship, M.Sc.

The programme is ideally suited to graduates from Computer Systems, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Software Engineering and Applied Mathematics programmes who are considering business start-up or careers in companies which focus on software innovation.

Project Management, M.Sc

Project Management is of fast growing importance to organisations because it deals effectively with the management of change. Both contemporary and project-based organisations are beginning to realise that the traditional form of management cannot deal with the dynamics and...

Clinical Leadership in Healthcare, M.Sc.

This Clinical Leadership in Healthcare master’s programmeis designed to build on current clinical leadership programmes to enhance the students knowledge of concepts, theories and research relating to clinical leadership.

Marketing, MBus, MBA

The overall aim of this programme is to facilitate the further personal and intellectual development of students, encompassing the skills of analysis, interpretation and synthesis within their chosen field of knowledge.

MBA - Master of Business Administration-Full-Time MBA, MBA

University College Dublin offers the MBA - Master of Business Administration-Full-Time MBA programme. You’ll learn from accountants, marketing professionals, software developers, artists, engineers and many more.

MBA - Master of Business Administration-Executive MBA, MBA

The MBA - Master of Business Administration-Executive MBA programme is designed to accelerate your professional trajectory and move you up the career ladder by building on your extensive work experience.

Economic & Financial Risk Analysis, M.Sc.

MSc Economic & Financial Risk Analysis provides advanced training in economic and financial risk analysis, and the opportunity for original research in this area.

Information Systems Management (MSc), M.Sc.

This programme is designed as a specialist course which assists students in blending their existing talents with the technological skills and business knowledge needed to design, develop, use and manage information systems within modern organisations.

International and European Business Law, LL.M.

The LL.M. is directed at well-qualified graduates in law and related disciplines. It seeks to promote critical analysis of, and reflection on, different aspects of national, European and international law. This programme is delivered over one academic year.

Supply Chain Management, M.Sc.

Supply chain management (SCM) and logistics are critical success factors as Ireland attempts to build an export-driven economic recovery. Despite the continuing economic challenges, there continues to be strong demand in the market place for suitably qualified SCM professionals.

Technology Management, M.Sc.

The programme is designed for managers, technical specialists, engineers or those responsible for managing technologies within their organisations. A wide range of career opportunities are open to graduates of the programme in areas such as research and development.

Digital Marketing, M.Sc.

Marketing has been dominated in recent years by a shift to digital, mobile and social media, hyper-targeting and feedback of real-time metrics and data leading the way over traditional marketing where interaction information is not as forthcoming.

Strategic Management and Planning, Master

The course is suitable for students with an educational track record in business, economics or related areas, postgraduate business diplomas, or degrees with a significant proportion of business subjects. Applications from non-business graduates are also considered.

Electronic Commerce (Business), M.Sc.

The MSc in Electronic Commerce is designed for graduates of business and computing degrees who want to advance their careers in the growing ICT industry in Ireland and abroad.

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